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Life's Journey

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

When somebody is born they start on a journey - their life journey through this world.

Everyone’s journey is different and, on the way, people receive different things: a family, friends, possessions and experiences.

We all count different things as important, but I’m sure you’d agree that if somebody has lost their life, then they’ve lost it all; after all you can’t go out and buy a new life. We all know of the sadness and emptiness that we feel when someone’s journey through this world comes to an end.

The Bible agrees:

‘For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?’

Not many people would sacrifice their own lives to gain something. But this is exactly what Jesus did – he gave his life on purpose.

We know enough about Jesus’ life to know that he could have easily escaped from the soldiers who captured him, or he could easily have proven his innocence. But Jesus didn’t stand up for his rights and he didn’t fight back. He allowed people to end his journey on this earth by nailing him to a cross.


Jesus knew that although each one of us will have a very different journey, we’re all heading towards the same destination. The grave is where we all end and, when we die, we’ll meet our creator and will have to give account of the life that we’ve lived. God’s ways are perfect, and he will punish all who are guilty. The Bible tells us that we have all rebelled against God’s perfect and good ways – that is why we feel guilt and that is why death has entered this world.

Jesus knew we needed help and the Bible tells us that Jesus gave his life to give life to us.

By dying on the cross Jesus took the punishment that we deserve, he could do this because his life was perfect. By believing in Jesus and turning our backs on our old ways we can experience the amazing forgiveness and a restored relationship with God.

Have you ever thought of the journey you are on? Do you sometimes wonder what it’s all about, or sometimes yearn for more when you find that nothing gives true satisfaction? Do you sometimes worry that you are heading for the same destination as everyone else?

Knowing God is what life is all about. When you are accepted by Jesus you start on the most amazing journey – a journey where God will keep you every day, and a journey that will finish in heaven with the one who gave his life so that you can have life.

First published in Ask Magazine August 2019

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