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Honesty and Hope

Happy Christmas! We are all hoping that these next few weeks will be magical and wonderful. Although we will not be able to do all that we normally do, it may well turn out to be the most special and important Christmas that we have experienced! We certainly need some joy and cheer in our lives.

Although we have hope, we must also be honest with ourselves. Little did we know this time last year what lay ahead of us as a result of Covid-19 – months of lockdown, suffering, loss and dramatic changes in our lives. We have seen and experienced so much, it has affected every part of our lives.

It seems that many of us have had our eyes opened and our hope shaken. Yes, life is full of good things, and there are better times to come, but so much is uncertain, and we are not as indestructible as we would like to think. We need a hope that will last.

You have been given this magazine by somebody who wants to share that hope with you. As Christians, we do not have this hope in ourselves – but we have found it in a person called Jesus Christ. I pray that you will enjoy the stories and features and remember, if you want to know more, you can follow links throughout to extra content online (

May you and your loved ones have the best Christmas ever, and above all may you find lasting hope.

Steffan Job

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